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A screenshot of Sekaiju, free and open source MIDI sequencer.

Welcome, Here I make free and open source MIDI softwares and libraries. They are relaesed under the term of GNU LGPL (Sekaiju5.1 or later is MPL2.0). You may download, copy, share, and see source codes, reproduce it under the term of LGPL (Sekaiju5.1 or later is MPL2.0). Programing language is C (Sekaiju is C++). There is a forum, too. Please write feedback, bug report, and questiones.

Hosting service is provided by OSDN. Here is Summary.

Please note: Sekaiju, MIDITester, AutoDrum, and MIDISelector's user interface and docuumentation is English version ready. Other library's documentation is Japanese version only, sorry.


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